Limbaugh Rallies Conservatives to Find 'Right Candidate'... Limbaugh Rallies Conservatives to Find 'Right Candidate'... 東森房屋/ Government is man made form, therefore, candidate personal good form 室內裝潢matters. Run for Public office, man must have to be able to show his personal marriage good for 房屋二胎m, therefore, that man must have the form show his wife cares him more than he cares her, so that she can have the will 租房子 to have all her free time available to comply with his duty; or that man must be a widower, so that his wife can live inside his heart all th 襯衫e time not to bother his public duty in any way. Anyone knows how to read and write must not have kid(Because read and write act like copy cat, you have no way to gi 關鍵字排名ve your own birth better than you<That may explain how come USA second generation of the immigration used to do better than others, most likely because they copy cat less their pare 永慶房屋nts first language, they speak better English than their parents. That may explain how come all Hispanic parents must demand USA stop teaching any their hispanic kids in Spanish at any school classroom any mo 面膜re.>. That may explain how come the more languages you know, the eviler you are, because the more language you know the more copy cat crimes you committed.) , only those who don't know how to read and write can have the ba 買房子rbarian right to give birth. Therefore, man who burdens his wife with the mom duty, must not be allowed to run for public office.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 會場佈置  .
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